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Click on a DVD title below to read about Easter Eggs for that disc:

Note: Titles appearing twice indicate two different editions with different eggs.

(R1) - United States and Canada
(R2) - Europe, Japan, Middle East, Egypt, and South Africa
(R3) - South East Asia
(R4) - Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Caribbean, South America
(R5) - India, Africa, Russia, and former Soviet-Block Countries
(R6) - Peoples Republic of China
(R0) - Unencoded - All Regions
(A) - Blu-Ray - The Americas, and their dependencies, East Asia (except Mainland China and Mongolia), Southeast Asia.
(B) - Blu-Ray - Africa, Southwest Asia, Europe (except Russia), Oceania, and their dependencies.
(C) - Blu-Ray - Central Asia, East Asia (Mainland China and Mongolia only), South Asia, Central Eurasia (including Russia), and their dependencies.

V for Vendetta (R1, R2)

Valentine (R1)

The Valley of Gwangi (R1)

Vanilla Sky (R1, R2, R4)

VeggieTales: A Snoodle's Tale (R1)

VeggieTales: Josh and the Big Wall! (R1)

Veggietales: The Ballad of Little Joe (R1)

VeggieTales: The Star of Christmas (R1)

VeggieTales: The Toy That Saved Christmas (R1)

VeggieTales: The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown (R1)

VeggieTales: The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's (R1)

VeggieTales: Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Bog River Rescue (R1)

VeggieTales: Where's God When I'm S-Scared? (R1)

Versus (R1)

Vertigo (R1, R2)

The Very Best of the Muppet Show - Volume 2 (R2)

Victor / Victoria (R1)

Video Essentials (R1)

Videodrome (R1)

Videodrome (A)

Village of the Damned (R1)

Vincent Price: Sinister Image (R1)

Violent Years / Girl Gang (R1)

Vision of Escaflowne (R1)

Viva la Bam - Complete Seasons 2 & 3 (R1)

Viva la Bam - Complete Seasons 4 & 5 (R1)

Viva la Bam - The Complete First Season (R1)

Vulgar (R1)

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