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Vertigo (1958)
Collector's Edition (Regions: 1, 2)

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Bonus Features:
Accessible from the main menu, under "Bonus Features", in the "Obsessed With Vertigo" making-of Documentary section. At the end of the Obsessed With Vertigo documentary are several features. You will miss these entirely if you hit stop as the documentary ends, or if you don't use the Chapters links on the documentary menu. Following the documentary are 1) the original theatrical trailer and restoration trailer (both are accessible elsewhere on the disk, the following are not), 2) Hitchcock's foreign censorship ending, shot under pressure from the foreign distributors, 3) The Vertigo Archive, with Production Designs and rough sketches by the Art Director and Hitchcock, Storyboards, Production Photographs, The Marketing of Vertigo (photos, lobby cards, U.S. and foreign poster designs), and 4) Production Notes and Bios, much more extensive than the production notes and bios accessible in "Bonus Materials".

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