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Almost Famous (2000)
Untitled - The Bootleg Cut (Regions: 1, 2)

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Deleted Scene:
Disc 1: From the "Special Features" menu, highlight the microphone that marks Crowe's audio introduction to "Love Comes and Goes", and press your Up button to highlight the Polaroid photo at the top-right of the screen. Press your Enter button to access a rather exhausting 5-minute scene that doesn't appear in either cut of the film. Crowe reveals in his 1-minute intro for the scene that it was an homage to Truffaut's Stolen Kisses.

Deleted Scene:
From the "Audio Setup" menu, press your Right button from the link for the audio commentary to highlight the hole in the center of the record that serves as background for the screen. Press your Enter button to access the very first take of the first shot of Philip Seymour Hoffman playing Lester Bangs, preceded by a 1-12 minute introduction in which Crowe explains why this particular take is so special, yet so haunting.

Scene Takes:
Disc 2: In the Cast section, from the first page of Fairuza Balk's biography, press your Up button to highlight the Polaroid photograph. Press your Enter button for 9 minutes of multiple takes of a scene between Penny Lane and William on the tour bus, with a 1-minute intro in which Crowe explains how much of a perfectionist he is during filming.

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