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Fun Stuff
r /> On disc two in the "Bonus Features", highlight "Spanish Outtakes". Then, press your Right button making pop bottle appear on the right side of the screen. Press your Enter button to see a very funny short featuring the French Peas pirating the movie.

Disc 2: In the restaurant press your Left button until a white anchor appears.
- Press enter, a robot interview with Bob and Larry about the movie

Bonus Feature:
Disc 2: Select the music menu.
- Press your Left or Right buttons until a bowling ball appears.
- Press enter, this will give you some Khalil footage

Bonus Feature:
Disc 2: Select the fun menu.
- Highlight the bottom menu.
- Press your Right button, the red button on the game ("Moby Blaster") will light up.
- Press your Enter button and see what you get.

Bonus Feature:
Disc 2: Go to bonuses (or the menu with the pirates at the table)
- Press your Left or Right button until a root beer bottle appears.
- Press your Enter button.

Disc 2: Go to the sneak peeks (or trailers for upcoming attractions)
- Press your Left button until another bowling ball appears.
- Press your Enter button, it should be Khalil talking Jonah doll's outtakes.

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Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie (2002)
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