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Hero (2002)
(China) (Region: 3)

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If you've got a DVD-ROM, this is much easier. On the main menu, just bring your mouse to the big Hero logo in the middle of the screen. That brings you to a menu, where you can choose what you want. If you don't have a DVD-ROM, on the menu screen, press Stop twice, so your DVD can't restart from the same place. With your remote, select the title option and choose title 3. You'll see a trailer playing. After the trailer, you can go anywhere within the hidden menu.
(The R3 Korean Ultimate Edition has the hidden menu, but it only shows you four 12-second long teasers. Choosing title 37 (or clicking the Hero logo with your mouse in your DVD-ROM) will bring you to the menu.)
Reported by: Pat Pilon

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