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Red Dwarf - The Complete Series Five (1989)
(Region: 1)

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1) From the main menu select the "Select Episode" option.
2) Highlight the drive room option and press your Down button - the black key code box will highlight.
3) Select this option and enter the code 145 onto the key code box.
4) as in the previous series, you will get an animated commentary. this one is about the episode "Back to Reality", with Doug, Rob and Ed.
Reported by: antburn

Bonus Feature:
1. Insert Disc 1 (with the episodes on it) and press select episode. You will be taken to the area with the lockers with episodes on them.
2. Highlight and select the episode "Quarantine" and you will be taken to the scene selection.
3. Press next to bring up the second screen of scene selection. You will see a small, outline picture of Mr. Flibble.
4. Highlight and select it and you will treated to the cast at a commentary shoot making some interesting bodily noises before one of them makes Mr. Flibble have a guest appearance.

1) Select the "Subtitles" option from the main menu in the drive room.
2) press your Up button when "subtitles on/off" is highlighted, this will make a silhouette of holly's head appear.
3) press your Enter button to select holly's head and you will have uncovered a short interview about the apparent origin of the actress Jane Leeves (holly in the American pilot episode)"Manchester" accent

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