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Guinea Pig 2: Flowers of Flesh and Blood (1985)
(Region: 1)

Bonus Feature:
Select the flower of Flesh and blood and you will see the menu with the lips on it, when your arrow is on the small lips (back button) push down and a red splatter will show up on her lips. Press select and you get to watch the film in "SNUFF VISION"

Go to the making of section and on the back button push down (I couldn't see any marks on the screen but the highlight icon has disappeared) and be treated to a "Red Room" trailer.

Now go to the chapter selection in the making of Guinea Pig section and go to the 7 thru 12 chapters. Go to the menu button and push right and you will see a small red splat to the left of the numbers. Press select and you will see another trailer for another nasty Japanese film in the same vein regarding porno snuff films.

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