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Snow Dogs (2002)
(Region: 1)

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DVD Errors:
Game question mistakes
As said by the announcer, the first question on level two is "What do you say when you want the sled dogs to press your Left button?" On the game, the answer is "Brake and hook". However, if you advance the movie to 48 minutes 14 seconds, "Thunder Jack" states you need to say "Haw" to make the dogs press your Left button. On the fourth question on level one, after you pick the correct answer one of the other choices named "Sniff" changes to "T. Sniff".

Ted's Arctic Challenge solution
Level 1: Left, Right, Duck.
Level 1 Answers: C, C, B, B.
Level 2: Right, Right, Jump, Right.
Level 2 Answers: D, C, A, C.
Level 3: Left, Duck, Jump, Right, Duck.

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