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The One (2001)
(Regions: 2, 4)

When on the first page of "Special Features" move the mouse to the immediate left of "Multiverses Create The One" and you will find a small picture of an outlined person. Select this to see the first part of an interview with Jet Li.There is a second interview with Jet Li, which you can find on the second "Special Features" menu by pressing 1 and then press your Enter button. This will show both parts of the interview. Presumably there is another hidden method of accessing the second part of the interview somewhere on the disc…
Reported by: HTenNunb, steviehaway

Click the "NEXT>" option in the "Special Features" menu. On the second page of "Special Features", highlight above the words "Jet Li" to find a large red "The One" symbol and select for an interview with actor Mark Borchardt.
Reported by: HTenNunb, steviehaway

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