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Kate Rusby: Live from Leeds (2004)
(Region: 1)

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From the DVD's "Main Menu" go to the 'Play Concert' section. Once there, press your Up button to highlight the star over the stage which will give you access to some footage of Kate explaining why 'The White Cockade' is her favorite song on 'Underneath the Stars', and then goes on to sing it in a traditional arrangement with specials guests.
Reported by: E>Fort

Bonus Feature:
Now highlight the 'Return' menu entry and press your Down button to highlight the onion. Press your Enter button now to hear a tip from 'Cutting's Cookery Corner'.
Reported by: E>Fort

Bonus Feature:
Now press your Right button while the onion is highlighted and you will highlight the avocado and you will get to hear a second cooking tip.
Reported by: E>Fort

Bonus Feature:
Now, go to the "Extras" section of the DVD and press your Left button to highlight the stick girl. Press your Enter button to see home movies of Kate as a child, set to the hidden track from 'Underneath the Stars'.
Reported by: E>Fort

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