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Amélie (2001)
Special Edition (Region: 2)

Bonus Feature:
To find this hidden extra you need to have the Special Collector's Edition, not the single disc version.
Select Disc 2 and from the main menu you need to enter the section titled 'The Station'. Here you see the layout of a foyer of a train station. You are given the option at the top of the screen of 'Teaser' or 'Trailer'. Underneath the heading marked 'Trailer' you'll be able to see Amelie's father's gnome. Press 'Down' on your remote and you land on the gnome who is then launched into space to commence his travels. You are then able to view his postcards from the locations he visits around the world. It's not the most exciting thing ever, but it's a sweet addition that fits perfectly with the tone of the film.
Reported by: Ben Vallance

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