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Gladiator (2000)
Deluxe Collector's Edition (Regions: 2, 4)

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Behind the Scenes:
Place the "Special Features" disc into your DVD player. Go to the story board section and then move onto the second page for that section. Here you will see a link for "Rhino Fight". Select this link and you will be taken to the first storyboard image of the Rhino scene that wasn't included. On this page you will see an image of the Rhino in the middle storyboard. Move your remote cursor UP one to highlight it and press your Enter button. Once selected you will be taken to a screen stating "Where did the Rhino Go" with 2 options to read about the Rhino scene and some test footage of the CG Rhino created by Phil Tippet.
Reported by: Stephen McGrath

On the "Special Features" disc, when you check out Ridley Scott's bio, and get to the last page, press your Right button, and you get to another page with a few more names.. including a 'special thanks to..
Reported by: Stephen McGrath

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