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Trainspotting (1996)
Definitive Edition (Regions: 2, 4)

Start up Disc 2 and select Retrospective. Select interviews and start the Danny Boyle interview. An invisible button will appear when he refers to an article that Muriel Gray wrote. Hit enter and it will bring up the articles and reviews from 1996. Near the end of the interview he will talk about the initial reaction to the film. When he mentions an article written by Miranda Sawyer press your Enter button to read it.
Reported by: Terry K

Bonus Feature:
Back at the interview menu screen, toggle right to highlight the upward pointing arrow in the bottom right hand corner. Press up on the remote and you will then see an interview with director Danny Boyle, producer Andre Macdonald and screen writer John Hodge, talking about Irvine Welsh's sequel novel 'Porno' and their hopes of making it with the original Trainspotting cast.

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