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Seinfeld - Seasons 1&2 (1990)
(Regions: 1, 4)

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Lighting Test:
Insert the first disc of the DVD set in your player and from the main menu go to the "Extras" section. There, highlight the 'Yadda, Yadda, Yadda' menu entry and then press your Up button twice. This will highlight the red pepper on the fridge and give you access to a 3-minute lighting / wardrobe camera test clip featuring Jerry's apartment, as well as tests in a bank set used in the 'Male Unbonding' episode.
Reported by: HugoRios, BrandonBentley

Bonus Feature:
Now insert the third disc of the DVD set and go into the 'Inside Looks' menu. Highlight the 'Play All' menu entry and then push the 'Left' directional key on your remote control. This will highlight the giant fortune cookie. Press 'your Enter button', and a 3-minute featurette will play, discussing an episode scripted but never filmed entitled 'The Bet', involving Elaine buying a gun.
Reported by: HugoRios, BrandonBentley

Bonus Feature:
Now go to the 'Set-up' menu on disc 4 and highlight the '"Episodes"' menu entry. From here, simply press the 'Up' key once to highlight a pea soaked in gravy. Press your Enter button to see a 2-minute 'before and after' side-by-side restoration comparison video showing comparison clips from 'The Jacket' and 'The Baby Shower'.
Reported by: HugoRios, BrandonBentley

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