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The Cure: Trilogy (2002)
(Regions: 1, 4, 0)

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Behind the Scenes:
At the "Main Menu" you will notice 4 submenus: Play Show, Pornography Set, Disintegration Set, and Select Audio. Choose Disintegration Set.
After the Disintegration Set Submenu appears press the following directional keys: Down, Down, Down, Left. This will place the Selection Marker to the far left of the song "Plainsong" and will allow you to view a "behind the scenes" look at this song. This also works with the song "The Same Deep Water As You" on the same set and Also "End of an Era?" in the Interviews Submenu on the 2nd Disc. It doesn't seem to work with any of the other songs or interviews though.
Reported by: Particleman5000

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