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Space Truckers (1997)
(Region: 1)

Bonus Feature:
From the main menu, go to the disc's 'Scene Access' menu and from there to section 'E'. Now push the arrow up key once or twice and suddenly a keypad will appear on your screen. Any time you type in a four-digit combo, like '1462' you will hear a cool quote from the movie.
Reported by: RobertBrouhard, PhilippeTouillaud

Concept Art:
But there's more. Type in the numbers '162', the digits are taken from a scene of the movie itself, and you will see a cool promo piece created a year before 'Space Truckers' began shooting. It is sort of a music video for the song 'Hauling My Asteroids Home to You' by Billy Swan, complete with CG images and conceptual artwork by Bernie Wrightson, Sorayama, and many more. You can also access these features directly by accessing title 6 chapter 1 with your remote control.
Reported by: RobertBrouhard, PhilippeTouillaud

Concept Art:
There's even more to be found on this disc. If you win the 'Trivia Game' that is part of the release, you will get to four sections of conceptual artwork stills. However, you can also access these through your remote control by dialing up title 11!
Reported by: RobertBrouhard, PhilippeTouillaud

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