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The Rolling Stones: Rock and Roll Circus
(Region: 1)

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On the DVD's "Main Menu", highlight the menu entry for 'Setup' and then press your Right button to highlight the logo in the lower right corner. Press your Enter button and you'll hear the voice of John Lennon saying 'You read my file' (from the film's Lennon/Mick Jagger segment), followed by screens of DVD production credits, additional song writing credits, and so forth.
Reported by: EmilyJackson

Behind the Scenes:
Now go to the 'Sideshow' section, which is accessible from the main menu, and use the 'Down' and 'Left' arrow keys on your remote control to highlight the scroll decoration beneath the photo of Keith Richards. Press your Enter button, and you will see footage of 'The Lovely Luna' [the female assistant from the fire-eating act] caressing a tiger, followed by a worried-looking Mick Jagger posing next to the same tiger.
Reported by: EmilyJackson

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