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Mötley Crüe: Greatest Video Hits
(Region: 1)

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Bonus Video:
Go to the DVD's "Main Menu" and highlight the menu entry 'Set Up'. Now, press the following key sequence using the directional keys on your remote control - up, up down, up, own, left and right. You will now have the chance to watch a video to 'Shout At The Devil '97'
Reported by: KeithHayse

Bonus Video:
The second Easter Egg is found on the 'Damn Video' page. Go to the second page of the section and highlight the entry that says '1-7'. Now press the following key sequence - down, right, up, left, up, right and down. This will allow you to view the 'Public Enemy #1' video.
Reported by: KeithHayse

Bonus Video:
The third hidden video is located in the 'Extra Crap' section of the disc. From there go to the "Discography" and select the 'Operation Swine' album. Once there, highlight the menu entry that reads 'Next' and the hit the 'Up' key on your remote control three times. A pentagram appears and if you press your Enter button now you will have the chance to witness the video 'Shout '97'.
Reported by: KeithHayse

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