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The Bloody Judge (1970)
(Region: 1)

Bonus Video:
Here's the weird thing: I can only play the easter egg by playing the DVD in file mode. If you click on the file called "video_ts.vob", that's the Eminem video. Like I said, it plays in file mode on PowerDVD. It's just the video, though, no sound. If I can ever figure out how to play it in regular play mode, maybe there will be sound also.

I'm not an Eminem fan, so I can't tell you which video it is. It's the one where he's making out in a hallway with this blonde chick who looks like a hooker. They go to his room and continue making out on the bed. Then, for some reason, he throws her out into the hallway and yanks the necklace off of her neck. At some point, he gets up on a chair and moons her as she looks into the peephole. Anyway, you don't get the whole thing. The video lasts only for about 1:22.
Reported by: Aaron2

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