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Arrested Development - Season 1 (2004)
(Region: 1)

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Bonus Clip:
On the Arrested Development Season 1 Disc 3, scroll around until the red arrow points to Tobias (David Cross) on the left. Select this option, and you'll see a 3-5 minute outtake real of David Cross as Tobias filming a scene stark naked! It's blurred over his privates, of course, but you can tell he's wearing some sort of sock over his…er…stuff.
The best part about this clip is seeing the rest of the cast trying their hardest not to laugh until they cry. Jason Bateman can't even face the camera.

In order to access the outtakes of Tobias naked, you need to go to the deleted scenes menu on the third disk and scroll until a circle appears around Tobias.
Reported by: Noell, Erin

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