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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)
(Region: 1)

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Escaping the Chamber - Deleted Scene:
Insert Disc 2 into your computer's DVD ROM drive and navigate your way into the Chamber of Secrets:
- Go to the third stop
- Press your Down button
- During the info about basilisks type "rooster", Press your Pause button (only works on computer) Unpause.
- Go to statue of Slytherin and climb into the mouth.
- When you see the basalisk, press your pause button.
- Type "fawkes"
- Unpause and Fawkes will fly in and kill the basalisk.
- The narrator will say "You've won the chamber challenge!" and you will see a deleted scene.

Short Cut to The Chamber of Secrets:
If you make it through the various challeneges to reach the Chamber of Secrets, the narrator will mention as hidden passage to get back to the chamber without having to endure the challenges again. The 'Secret Passage' is found at the very first screen. Before the narration ends and you are automatically taken down the hallway, select your left arrow button to highlight the exit 'X', then press your UP arrow and a second 'compass point' pointing NorthWest will appear. Select this 'compass' and you can bypass the challenges.
Reported by: Jim O'Connor

Not Really a DVD Easter Egg...:
Not really a DVD egg, but an egg in the film: After the credits are completely finished, you'll be treated to a short clip revealing what finally became of Prof. Lockhart.
Reported by: Jim O'Connor

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