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David Blaine: Fearless (2002)
(Region: 1)

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Bonus Feature:
When you first insert the dvd into your player you will see the David Blane Fearless title screen. Right after this you will see the front of a house, quickly press enter on your remote to see two red eyes appear. This will bring up a hand written list of book titles.
Reported by: collector_cliff

From the main menu, goto "Archive". Once in the Archive press right while anything is highlighted to make a spade appear on David's forehead. Press enter to see him prepare for a stunt.
Reported by: collector_cliff

Card Trick:
From the main menu, go to the ARCHIVES sub menu. Now there's a new menu, and a looping video of David Blaine with his eyes closed. Leave this screen running, and let the video feed loop about three times. On the sucessive loop, you'll notice the menu options have faded down, and they gradually fade out completely. Then Blaine opens his eyes, and the camera pans on him. Here he tells the viewer to hurry and get a deck of cards, and then waits. He then proceeds to do a great card trick with you over the TV!

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