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WWE From the Vault: Shawn Micheals (2003)
(Region: 1)

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On the disc two, click on extras. Click next on until you get to the photo gallery on the last page. Highlight the photo gallery, but don't click on it. Push left, right, an left again. You'll see the interview when Shawn Micheals tells everyone he's lost his smile.

Bonus Feature:
In order to get buddy rose's diet plan go to the first disk go into extras now in the beginning section go to where it says be ready then go to the left twice and then you will see the diet

Bonus Clip:
Go into the first disk go in extras and go the beginning and go to barbershop and go right twice and you will see shawn dancing to his video then he will say how he can't sing and can't dance that's pretty much it he does talk a little more.

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