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When Incubus Attacks - Volume 2 (2001)
(Regions: 1, 4)

Bonus Feature:
When in first menu of the DVD, select the 'Extra Love' feature. When on the 'Extra Love' screen, go down the list of features and underneath 'Akoustik Kali', the option '421' will appear. Highlight '421'. Using the arrow buttons on your DVD controller, press your Right button 4 times, then the down button 2 times, the left button 1 time, and then press your Enter button. This will unlock a 10 minute meditation session with Brandon Boyd himself..click the appropriate button to return back to menu for the session to conclude.

Bonus Feature:
When you are in the main menu (gigante especiale, and extra love), push the right arrow button on your DVD remote and a new icon will appear. Press the select button, and let Chuck choose!

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