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Ultraviolet (2000)
(Regions: 1, 2)

On disc 2 go to the extras section.

When there press your Right button on your DVD remote as though you were trying to highlight something in the top right corner of theܻλm-ìTzJte.

A pale blue cross should appear highlighted.

press your Enter button and you will see a series of still photos from the series with quotes from the series being spoken at the same time.

Bonus Features:
Insert either of the discs from the 2-disc set, and in the main menu, press '5' followed by your Enter button on your remote control. This will highlight the letter 'V' in the 'Ultraviolet' logo, which gives you access to the 'Cove V Area'. There you can find brief descriptions of all the main characters, a 'UV Dictionary', and a two-part interview - one part on each of the discs - with the series' creator.
Reported by: MitchFernandez

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