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Trailer Park Boys - Season 3 (2003)
Deluxe Two Disc Set (Region: 1)

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Alternate Menus:
Press Up from "Play "Episodes" to access the swearing menu on both disk one and two.

Out Takes:
On disk one, press your Left button from play episodes, which will highlight on the rum and coke glass. Hit enter to access a bunch of outtakes.

Bonus Clips:
Go to the episode index, go down to "Closer to the Heart" and press your Left button. This will give you extras from the Rush concert with Bubbles.

Bonus Feature:
On Disk two go to the "Special Features" menu. Go to the "Main Menu" tab and press your Left button. A small purple arrow is now on Ricky is a Thief.

This is additional underwater footage of the stolen BBQ's

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