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Trailer Park Boys: Big Plans Little Brains - Seasons 1 and 2 (2001)
Collector's Edition (Region: 1)

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Alternate Menus:
At the main menu screen by pressing UP you are taken to another screen which allows you to enable swearing during the menus.

You will be prompted to proceed and once you click on "PROCEED" the menus will now have swearing voice overs

Alternate Opening:
Once you reach the main menu by pressing DOWN you will be able to view an alternate opening to the show.

It will be in color and will actually feature characters on the show instead of just children playing

Bonus Feature:
On the 2nd disk of the set, go to special features, then down to credits, and press the left button. This will highlight the picture of a small shopping cart. Hit enter to view "the Cart Boy".

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