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Terror Firmer (1999)
(Region: 1)

Un-Censored Scene:
On the first DVD of the set, go to the extras menu. Now with "Audio Commentary" highlighted press the left cursor key (the < key) and it should select the words "Terror Firmer" to the top left of the screen. When you press 'enter' to run it you see a test card which plays for a few seconds. If you allow this to play it goes to a scene with the lead character playing with 'the nub'. This really is an unrated scene so you have been warned.

Bonus Feature:
On the main menu of disc one, slowly press "6 6 6" on your remote. The screen will now say "CENSORSHIP SUCKS" and play an "edited" version of the film, which consists of the opening scene and end credits.

Insert disc 2 of Terror Firmer, and at the main menu slowly punch in "6 6 6" on your remote. You may only have to press "6" once, depending on your player. At the new Terror Firmer screen, press "play" to watch a short bit with Lloyd Kaufman as he tries to get an interview with Yaniv Sharon, the fat guy who ran naked through Times Square (you kinda really have to watch the film to understand this one)

Web Bonus Feature Access:
On disc 1 of Terror Firmer, choose Audio Commentary, then select "No Sound at All". You're then treated to an "inspiring" rendition of "Amazing Grace" by actor Will Keenon. Onscreen will be a code and a password for a special surprise at the Troma website!

BTW, the login is "fattydrives" and the password is "thebus".

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