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Rose Red (2002)
Deluxe Edition (Region: 1)

On the "Special Features" (Second Disc) DVD, under "Main Menu", Hit the UP button on the remote. A Red Box will appear above the choice and just under the picture of the house. Press Play and you will get the TV trailers for Stephen King's Rose Red, "Dead Zone" (the new USA station version) and Storm of the Century plus trailer adds for the Monsters Ball and American Psycho 2 DVD's

Original Trailer:
Insert disc one into your dvd player.

Go to the main menu (you will be automatically taken there)

The red line is used to a highlight a section. If a section title is underlined by the red line, selecting the enter button on your remote will select it.

Move the left button on your remote so that the section title "Bonus Materials" is highlighted.

Then press the up button.

A small red box should appear.

Hit enter and you will see the trailer for Rose Red.

When the red box does not appear on screen, look closely at the screen where the red box appears and you will see the Lions Gate Entertainment logo. It is coloured to blend with the picture of the house.

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