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Red vs. Blue - Season 1
(Region: 1)

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Audio Clip:
2. Select the "Bonus Features", under scene selections

3. Wait about 50 seconds on the bonus features menu until the sounds resets

4. Wait until the sound resets once more

5. Listen to the Cast / Characters of Red vs Blue Talk about the background sounds

Audio Clips:
On the main menu just wait until the sound repeats twice, there you should get Tucker telling you you have to press a button.

If you also press previous scene on the remote, you can cycle through different features, some of which are hidden, such as a line reading, and sarge saying you need to learn how to use the remote, and also a few more eggs.

Bonus Clip:
1. While playing the movie at any point press the STOP button once.

2. Press the STOP button again.

3. Press PLAY. You should get a small short about Grif and Simmons arguing over easter eggs and contracts. It will return you to the end of the Select Scene menu.

Alternate Interface:
On the PSA menu, go to bonus, hit left, then up twice and enter. The menu will change to "Donut's Menu" for a few seconds. All the videos it links to are the same though.

Bonus Clip:
On the Outtakes menu, go to line readings, press your Left button, left, down, up, enter. A video of inside the recording studio of RvB will come up.

Bonus Clip:
On the PSA menu, go down to bonus, press your Right button, left, right, and then press your Enter button. A picture of Tucker comes up suggesting what a good easter egg for the DVD should be.

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