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Linkin Park: Frat Party at the Pancake Festival (2001)
(Regions: 1, 4)

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You need to get to Title 3, Chapter 1. On my DVD player, you need to stop the DVD and hit the Go to button and enter it in. I've heard on some other DVD players, you can enter it using the Program button. There's 12 minutes of hilarious backstage footage and a few clips of live performance within. To my knowledge, it's the same footage that's on the UK "Crawling" single in Quicktime format.

Bonus Clip:
12-Minute extra (Off Crawling single)..
- Go to Title 3, Chapter 1 pressing the PROGRAM button in your remote control

Bonus Clip:
Points of Authority LIVE at DragonFest..
- Go to Disc Set-up

- Wait for about a minute

- your Enter button 1489712 and play button between numbers

Bonus Clip:
"A Place for my Head" Before Linkin Park was Famous (Back in 1999 before Chester has his flames)

- In the "Beginnings" chapter a little bit after Chester talking about his bite marks it shows Brad with the captions "From the beginning" on the bottom, when you see that… Press your Enter button.

Backwards Song:
One Step Closer BACKWARDS
- Have you heard OSC backwards?? go to edit setup and click "yes" to turn on thtp://www.quantcast.com/pnd then just watch OSC.

Bonus Music Track:
One Step Closer re-mix by The Humble Brothers - Play OSC video, again choosing it from Chapter Selection. During the last "shut up" (before the chorus which goes "shut up when I'm talkin' to you") press your Enter button / PLAY. This will take you to an (audio only) re-mix version of OSC.

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