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The League of Gentlemen - The Entire Second Series (1999)
(Regions: 1, 2, 4)

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Behind the Scenes:
1. Insert Disc 2 ("Special Features")

2. From the main menu, move your selection down to "Missing" - and then try to go to the left (On a PC DVD-ROM you will need to use the keyboard)

3. You will be taken to a secret page with a telephone on it and a hint - "It's an easy number to remember". If you want to figure it out yourself, go for it. Otherwise, spoilers are at the bottom of this egg. 4. When you get it right, Papa Lazarou will appear next to the number. Select the number and you are treated to some special video taken during production.

If you are having trouble trying to work out what number to use, remember - the phone number is a real feature.

If you are *REALLY* stumped, the answer is 444 4244.

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