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The League of Gentlemen Christmas Special (1999)
(Regions: 1, 2)

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Bonus Film:
From the main menu select 'Stocking Fillers'. On the next menu, move the cursor up to highlight the spinning hangman. You can do this by moving the cursor to the first option 'Tales From Behind The Crypt' and then hitting the left arrow. A green wreath will appear. Click on it to play hangman.

You will then be asked to guess the password. The password is contained within Charlie's Nightmare (if you don't know it, the password is at the very bottom of my post). You have to select the letters in turn. The easiest way to do this is to use your left and right arrows to highlight the relevant letters. If you correctly guess the password you will be rewarded with a feature from the early film made by the League, that is is discussed during the documentary 'Tales From Behind The Crypt'. It looks like there should be more but I can't find it yet.

The password is PRAWN TOAST.

Bonus Clips:
From the main menu, click audio set-up. Watch the background for about twenty seconds, then just under the cherub in the centre the letters RIP will appear in a box. Move the right to select this then press your Enter button. A screen will appear stating:

"for Charlie's Line dance Steve had to repeat the performance numerous times, trying to match the action and the timing of the routine. The camera was moved for each new performance, but by using the angle button on you DVD handset you can flip between 3 of the routines. Whilst not a perfect match on action, Steve's 'noot skootin' in marvellously close for a local"

Then after thirteen seconds, it takes you into the first version of the dance. The clip goes for fifty seven seconds [apparently], but there are three versions, all showing at the same time. You access them via the Angle option.

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