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The Last Fast Show Ever - Volume 1 (1994)
(Region: 2)

Audio Clip Out Takes:
In The "BBC Presentation" Menu, go to the bottom row of numbers on the page of scene selects that has a picture of Bob Fleming on it (I think its the third lot), then highlight each of the icons in turn, and wrap round right from the "the main menu" icon. A can of cheesy peas appears on the left hand side of the screen and you can select it..

To get the same effect, from the Channel 9 "Sketcha Selecta" scene menu (sketches 1-5) hit left, right, right again and the number "9" in the top left of the screen will be highlighted in yellow. If you select this, you will be taken to another screen where you can see a "character sound bites" menu and listen to Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson recording them for the DVD.

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