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David Bowie: Best of Bowie (2002)
(Regions: 1, 4, 2)

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Insert disc one, then go to track 8 and push left to se an interview with Russel Harty.

Go to next page and track 10. Push right to highlight the lightning symbol for a advert about the upcoming Ziggy Stardust dvd.

Go to the 3rd page and track 25. Push right, then press your Enter button, and then right again for the 20 minute version of jazzin' for blue jean

Insert Disc two
Select the tracks manually.
This is the tracks to choose from.
title 23 Miracle Goodnight (Remix)
Title 24 Day In Day Out (Dance mix)
title 25 Seven Years in tibet (Mandarin version)

Bonus Features:
1. "Oh You Pretty Things" Alternative Take
Disc 1
Press Up then Right

2. Interview with Russell Harty & David Bowie
Disc 1
Go to "Drive-In Saturday"
Press Right and select the "_"

3.Ziggy Stardust DVD Ad
Disc 1
"Ziggy Stardust" Press right and select the lightning bolt

4.Jazzin' for Blue Jean (Full Promo Video)
Disc 1
Got to "Blue Jean"
Press Right and select the ")"
Picture of the bottom left of the screen will change
Press Right

5. Blue Jean (Alternate Version for MTV)
As above
When the "Jazzin' for Blue Jean" video gets to 1 minute 42 seconds David Bowim-ifFԺV)QOin the pub
Press Enter and the TV will be selected

6.Day In Day Out (Dance Mix)]
Disc 2
Every 2nd time you select "Day In Day Out" the exteneded mix will play

7.Miracle Goodnight(Remix)
Disc 2
Leave page 1 alone for 5 minutes

8. Seven Years in Tibet (Mandarin Version)
Disc 2
Select "Seven Years in Tibet"
Press select again when the Mandarin subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen

9.Survive (Live in Paris)
Disc 2
Every second time you click Play all the live version will play
Reported by: Mike Cookman

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