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Behind Enemy Lines (2001)
(Regions: 1, 2, 3, 4)

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Special Message:
From the main menu, go to "Special Features". Select the Pre-Vis Ejection Sequence. When the screen comes up offering you the choice of listening to the commentary or not, press your Up button on the remote. It will turn one of the white stars in the American Flag RED. You will then hear the director taking a polite slap at the movie's insurance company, then it will go to a couple of sequences of Burnett riding with the refugees going to Hac.

Pilot Names:
On the main menu, go to the "Pre-Vis Ejection Sequence". Before the missle launch. Under the canopy, where in the movie it says Lt. Longhorn, here it says Lt. Luke Skywalker "The Jedi" and Capt, Artoo Deetoo.

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