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Battlefield Earth (2000)
(Regions: 1, 2)

Behind the Scenes:
From the main menu

Go to "Special Features" (2 pages) or Languages page.

The choice of features are on the left of the screen. On the right there is an illustration featuring a "Psychlo" ship.

Select any of them and jump to the right.

A TARGET will appear on the "Psychlo" ship. There is a new target on both "Special Features" pages and on the language page.

Clicking on the target gives you a short video clip of behind-the-scenes footage.

Other targets appear during the screening of the film with the AUDIO COMMENTARY ON. They also feature behind the scenes video clips. (By the way, that track is a hoot as it's full of apologetic comments designed to cover their butts. For example: Roger Christian insisting he was trying to be like a comic book when actually, he spent a lot of time on set screaming "THIS IS NOT A COMIC BOOK. THIS IS A SERIOUS LITERARY WORK!" to his actors.)

The clip shown on the language page is test footage of stuntman-actor Jason Cavalier being thrown by a "Psychlo". This demonstration of their strength was not used in the final film.

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