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American Splendor (2003)
(Region: 1)

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Behind the Scenes:
Go to "Chapters", Friedlander playing hime last page. Highlight "Main Menu" and press your Right button. a box will appear and if you click on that you'll get a 1-minute clip about the vasectomy scene.

Behind the Scenes:
In "Special Features", either highlight "Play Movie" and press your Right button, or highlight "Main Menu" and press your Left button. this'll highlight the speaker and if you click on that you'll get a 1-minute clip about the Genuine Nerd Toby Radloff.

DVD Credits:
For the first one, go to "Special Features" and either highlight "HBO Films" and press your Down button, or highlight "Play Movie" and press your Up button. this'll highlight something in the yellow square (i couldn't figure out what it was). if you press that, you'll get the DVD credits.

Behind the Scenes:
In the "Languages" menu and i was doing something else so it was just chugging along there with some dialogue.. after a minute or so a record player appears at the bottom. when it does, highlight it by pressing left from "Main Menu". clicking on it will give you a 1-minute clip about one of the special effects in the film.

If you just keep the "Special Features" menu open and listen you'll get to hear this dialogue between the fast food order guy and Toby Radloff (or Judah" target="_blank"> Behind the Scenes:
Go to "Special Features", then hit Downloads. in the next menu, click on "Specifications". highlight "Special Features" in that page and hit up. the "A | S" on the coffee mug will be highlighted and if you click it you'll get a 1-minute clip about Robert Crumb.

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