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Red Dwarf - The Original Series Three (1989)
(Regions: 1, 2)

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Disc 2 Select "Bonus Material" (either animated or text menu). In the "Officer's Quarters" select "Gallery" then "Models and Covers". Hit next until you get to the first schematic drawing of Star Bug. Arrow up to highlight the schematic and select.

You'll see a commercial for the soon to be available electronic Star Bug playset.

Disc 2 Select "Bonus Material" then "Bonus Menu Plain Text". Press your Down button to "Back" then press your Left button to highlight the rabbit. Select and you will see an 11 minute animated commentary by Naylor, Grant and Bye about Polymorph.

You can also get to this via the animated menu. Wait until the changing polymorph becomes a rabbit and cursor over or press your Down button and select

Deleted Scene:
Disc 1 pick "Select Episode". Highlight "Drive Room". Wait until the Polymorph strolls in (The music will change just before this happens). When the poymorph changes into a rabbit press your Down button and select (a ? will appear). You will see a short deleted scene from Polymorph,

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