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WWE Divas South of the Border
(Region: 1)

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1. "Main MҚiWQDQhYdc6, Press -> -> ->
2. "Chapters" Menu (page 1): Highlight Lita, Press <- <-
-----Tells a story of being naked with bats.
3. "Chapters" Menu (page 2): Highlight Molly, Press ->
-----Playing darts with Gail Kim.
4. "Extras" Menu (page 1): Highlight "Sable Invitational", Press <-
-----Sable pours water on herself & Tazz (Smackdown: 5/22/03)
5. "Extras" Menu (page 2): Highlight "Bra & Panties Trish vs. Miss Jackie", Press <- <- <-
-----Jazz has a problem with Miss Jackie during a photo shoot.
6. "Extras" Menu (page 3): Highlight Stacy Keibler, Press -> ->
-----Stacy drinking beer with Austin (RAW: 10/23/03)
7. "Extras" Menu (page 4): Highlight "Stacy Keibler: Stuff Magazine", Press ->
Story of the 'tired' Divas and Victoria slips on the steps.

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