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The Ten Commandments (1956)
(Region: 1)

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Behind the Scenes:
There is an Easter Egg in The Ten Commandments that is a 10 on the Rictor Scale but no one sees it until it is pointed out to them. Someone is in a scene who is not an actor in the picture but one of the film crew. He even yells something that is not in the script. He was included in the scene due to an incorrect splice in the finished theatrical release. No one caught it back then either! It remains uncorrected in the subsequent DVD release. The audience is so wrapped up in the story at this point in the movie that no one watching seems to notice. It is at the beginning of the crowd scene just before Moses parts the Red Sea. The crowd is milling around murmuring. The clapper holder is at one side of the screen, runs into the center of a group of people and yells, "scene so and so, take so and so!" Then he runs out of the scene. The shot is taken from an angle above the crowd which continues to mill and murmur just as before. See if you can find it!

There are also some blue screen shots in the movie that were not matted because they actually ran out of time before the final cut was made in order to meet pre-announced screen debut dates. I had seen them before but thought that they were just very badly done blue screen until I found out that they actually ran out of time before they could matt them. This was a spectacle film with a tremendous amount of pre-release publicity and opening dates that could not be changed.

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