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Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 1 (1966)
(Region: 1)

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Bonus Features:
Disc 8

The Red Shirt Logs

Some hidden videos with tidbits of info from the cast and crew.

First additional feature screen

1. Highlight "The Birth of a Legacy" and press your Up button. Sulu's viewer will light up green press your Enter button

2. Highlight "Life Beyond Star Trek" and press your Up button arrow Nav screen will be highlighted press your Enter button

3. Second "Special Features" Screen Highlight "Communications" and press your Up button arrow Red Alert light will turn green, press your Enter button

4. Highlight "RETURN" press your Down button arrow Control below Return will turn green, press your Enter button

In addition to the previews for the episodes on the ST:TOS DVDs, there are two more, for the subsequent volume in the series. On the main menu, arrow-up to select the Starfleet "arrow" logo. This will take you to a screen listing all four available previews.
Reported by: Alan Hamilton

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