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The Usual Suspects (1995)
Special Edition (Region: 1)

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Interviews and Game:
Play Side 2 ("Special Features"). Use your arrows to highlight "The Usual Suspects" in the upper right hand corner and your Enter button. You will get a montage of 4 key items from from the movie. Click around until you highlight "Police" in a box mid-center. A message advises: "Every pictures tells a story. Click on the 4 items in the correct order and you access two extra features". Return to montage, then highlight the following items and press your Enter button for each in the following order: a) Quartet b) Guatamala c) Fat Woman/Wanted Poster d) Broken coffee cup. You will now have access to a 17-minute interview with John Ottman about composing the score; and a short collection of outtakes

Again from Side 2, on the main menu press your Up button to highlight "the usual suspects" on the screen. Then you must choose the correct order of the four objects that verbal kint uses to concoct his story.

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