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T2: Extreme DVD (1991)
(Regions: 1, 2)

Various Bonus Features:
To access the Theatrical Version of the film, insert Disc 1. Once you get to the main menu, scroll down a 2004-2019, JOC

DisclaSensory Control". Then hold down your Right button on your remote for 1-2 seconds and the words "The Future Is Not Set" will appear highlighted in red on the right hand side. Now press your Enter button on your remote. The T-1000 on the left side will morph, and you will be switched to the Theatrical Version Menu. You can now view the Theatrical Version. To switch back just repeat the steps again.

Also on Disc 1, let it sit there on the main menu for a while, and do not make any selection, then a shiny T-101 endoskeleton with no skin and white teeth will come out and look at you, and narrow and expand his red eyes at you, then walk off.

To access the Ultimate T2 Trailer, insert Disc 2. On the main menu, highlight the little green box on the bottom left hand side of the screen you can access the trailer.

your Enter button the DVD-ROM section of the disc after watching the trailer press your Up button twice will highlight the blood spot on the floor by selecting it you'll see a programmer with his face morphed into an endo, and a caption "The worst that can happen".

Go to High Definition and Press up a half CD icon will appear press your Enter button and you can view the credits for the DVD production.

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