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Snatch (2000)
Special Edition (Regions: 1, 2, 4)

Bonus Features:
On the second disc of the DVD set, go to the main menu and highlight the arrow pointing to the right. When highlighted, press UP (highlight will disappear) and then press your Right button on your remote. A little exclamation mark in a diamond shape will appear at the top right portion of your screen. Press your Enter button and you will be taken to a hidden feature that will first ask you "Are you easily offended?" (you really shouldn't be watching this movie if you are, but…). Pick either "yes" or "no". "Yes" will take you on a 1-2 minute tour of selected scenes from the movie with all the swearing bits "bleeped" out… "No" will take you on the same tour, but will leave all the swearing bits in. A really hilarious journey to be sure!

On the same disc at the main menu, highlight the arrow pointing right and press your Enter button to find more special features. Once there, highlight the LEFT pointing arrow, press UP, and then press your Left button. A little number "1" (one) in a diamond shape will appear to the top right portion of your screen. Press your Enter button and you will be treated to a 1-2 minute tour of scenes from the movie that are quite "British" in nature… namely cool phrases and sayings that you'll probably only hear in merry ol' England herself.

Go to the "Filmography" menu and select Guy Ritchie, Brad Pitt, or Vinnie Jones. The icon between the two arrows should be highlighted. Press UP and LEFT (for Guy), UP twice for Vinnie, and UP and RIGHT for Brad on your remote. You should see a diamond shape. Press your Enter button. You will see Guy Ritchie talking about the film, Brad and Vinnie respectively.

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