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The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash (1978)
(Region: 1)

Alternate Scene and Production Notes:
For an alternate version of Dan Aykroyd's scene, go to the second chapter menu, the one with "Let It Rot" at the top, and click on the arrow buttons on the DVD player remote until the blue frame highlights scene 12, the last scene on the menu, "He Turned Down The Rutles" featuring Dan Aykroyd's picture. When that selection is highlighted, then hit your right arrow button one time. The blue frame will disappear, and nothing at all on the menu will be highlighted. Next, press your Down button button, and the words "Let It Rot" at the top of the menu will highlight. Finally, press your Enter button, and the alternate Aykroyd scene will play

To access Eric Idle's promotional production notes, go to the "Special Features" menu, and highlight "Deleted Scenes". Then, press your Left button button on the remote, then the down button, then the left button again. A scribble mark will appear over Eric Idle's head in the picture on the screen. Press your Enter button, and Eric Idle's production notes will appear.

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