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Monsters, Inc. (2001)
Two-Disc Collector's Edition (Regions: 1, 2, 4)

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2 Bonus Features and DVD Credits:
the Enter button the "Humans Only" door, select "Pixar", and press your Right button to highlight the track of the circling paper airplane. Press your Enter button for some footage of the First Annual Pixar Paper Plane Tournament.

the Enter button the "Humans Only" door, scroll left from Production Tour to see the DVD Credits.

the Enter button the "Monsters Only" door. From "New Monster Adventures" press your Right button to highlight the Monsters, Inc. Logo, and press your Enter button to see dailies that contain a few practical jokes by the animators.

Bonus Game:
On Disc 2, from the Main Menu, access the "Monster's World" door. Highlight "New Monster Adventures", then press your Right button. In the top right hand corner if you click 10 times with the OK button a new game appears. Have fun bowling with Mike!
Reported by: Cheryl

Bonus Features:
On the 2nd disc, go through the the door marked "Humans Only." Next, select 'Production Tour.' Jump ahead to 'Chapter 7' by manually advancing your player using the 'Next Chapter' button. The last chapter should bring up a screen with seven more doors which include outtakes, screentests, and credits
Reported by: Jen

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