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Memento (2000)
Special Limited Edition (Region: 1)

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Bonus Features Variety:
Disc 2: Special Feature Menu: You can access a Menu of almost all of the "Special Features" that are listed on the back of the DVD box. To do this go to the Clock, then go to the third question (the one about the jigsaw puzzle) and select answer "D". In this menu you will find: Trailers, Anatomy of a Scene-Documentary, International Art Campaign, Director's Script, Stills, and Sketches. (You can also select these individually by going to each object in the menu and selecting answer "C" in the menus that have the little exit sign in the bottom right-hand corner.)

Easter Eggs: Journal: You can access a journal written supposedly by Lennard. To do this, go to the Compass, keep selecting "C" in all the menus that come up. When you get to the menu with the exit sign in the corner, select "B". If you select "C" it will take you to the Stills and Sketches page. But that's ok, too 'cause when you're done you will continue on where you left off. Select "C" twice more and the journal will be brought up.

Bootleg Art: To access the bootleg art, go to the skull, go to the third question (the one about the missing piece), select answer "E" and then "D" on the next menu.

Props: You can look at some of the props used in Memento. To do this, go to the Binoculars, go to the second question (the one about which object you'd like to touch), choose answer "D".

DVD Credits: Go to the Clock, go to the 5th question (the one that asks "why are they laughing at you?") choose answer "D" in that menu.

Short Story and Chronological Memento: To see the original Memento short story, go to the Clock and select "C" in the menus that come up until you get to the one where you have to put the pictures in sequence. Going left to right number them 1-4. To see the short story put in the sequence 2-1-4-3. You can also see Memento in chronological order. To do this, just flip the above around; 3-4-1-2. The movie begins with backwards credits and ends with the beginning going forward.

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