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The Matrix (1999)
(Regions: 1, 2, 4)

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Bonus Feature:
In the cast and crew menu click on the very bottom one (Warner Bros) and on the next screen there is a red pill that shows a shot film about the CONCEPT of the film!

Bonus Feature:
Go to the "Special Features" section. You will see a red pill in the bottom half of the screen. SELECT the pill and you are taken to a feature called "What is Bullet Time" where they explain how they did those 360 degree rotating camera matrix effects.

Behind the Scenes - Rabbits:
To access the egg, go to the "Special Features" area of the DVD and go to the "Making the Matrix" option and press your Enter button. When the new screen pops up, select the option "The Dreamworld" and press your Enter button. When this screen pops up hit CONTINUE and select the option "Follow the White Rabbit" -now throughout the film, nine white rabbits will appear in the lower-left-hand corner of the screen. When one appears, press your Enter button and a behind the scenes featurette of that specific sequence will play. When it's over you will return right where you left off.

Here is where all of the White Rabbits can be found:

Chapter 1) "Trinity In A Jam"
Chapter 10) "Slimy Re-birth"
Chapter 15) "Morpheus/Neo Matchup"
Chapter 23) "Glitch in the Matrix"
Chapter 24) "One Left behind"
Chapter 29) "Lobby Shooting Sequence"
Chapter 30) "Dodge This"
Chapter 32) "Rooftop Rescue"
Chapter 33) "Subway Showdown"

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