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Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)
(Region: 1)

Out-take and Audition Tape:
Let the main menu repeat for three to four minutes at which time a special Easter egg menu pops up offering a choice between the two Easter eggs. The screen is nice to see but for people with no time there is another and quicker way to get there. The first one titled Holy Smoke is a short outtake of made for TV dubbing over the "holy shit" sentence officer Moonie mocks the kids with. The second, titled Klown Auditions, is very interesting footage from the (what else) Klown auditions. The second way to get to the Easter Eggs is to go to the "Special Features" main screen and move the cursor form the bottom right move it up (the word play movie will be highlighted). At this point two pieces of popcorn become selectable and correspond to the two previously mentioned eggs but with out the titles identifying them.

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